Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Days 3 & 4 of Tour de Fleece 2013

Day three I took the plied yarn off the bobbin and soaked it. It took forever to dry though so wasn't until Day four that I was able to get a picture of it the finished yarn:
There's 904.44 yards of lace weight. I'm not really sure if I like how its plied. I think it might be a little under-plied. I'll let it rest and come back to it after West War.

Here's the progress I made on two ounces of the Shetland, also for day three:
This shows the colors pretty well. I had thought that I might ply the two four-ounces together. Looking at the big color blocks, I am kind of leaning towards chain plying each bobbin.

I unbraided the second two ounces and it was kind of packed so I pulled it apart and opened up the fibers again. This is what it ended up looking like:
I had also tried to start a pair of stockings for Hosen War, the Splendid Stocking version. I cast it on several times. Once to fully understand the charting. The second time because I thought it might be too small and so need to do the larger size.

Frogged this morning and started over and was 7.5 sts/inch with the US2s. Gauge is 7 sts/inch, so dropped down to US1s. It's a little loose on my foot but I'll keep an eye on it. I may grab my US0s and take them along with me. Right now at this point, I'm not planning to frog but to go on.

Adding to my bobbin above tonight after the knitting and the sewing. I made a wool coat with sleeves and pinned the fur collar to it. Just need to hand sew down the collar and find a closure for it. It kind of needs some edging trim, but it is fine for camp this weekend. It gets cold at night. I'll take a picture of it once the collar is sewn down, or have Brandon take a picture of it while we are camping. I used some of the extra fabric to make myself a haversack, so I'll have a nice bag to carry things around for the classes this weekend.
Any way back to the bobbin:
Pretty full and I have another ounce to put on there!  It's going to be tight I think. I hope to get that last ounce done tomorrow and it will have a rest while we are at An Tir West War. Leeloo is staying home with Norbert and William. It will be a strange camp without her. I know she'll miss me and I'll miss her, but thankfully she does love her boy.

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