Monday, October 22, 2012

Shire of Mountain's Edge's St. Crispins event 2012

We went to the neighboring shire, Mountain's Edge's Saint Crispin feast. A number of their members regularly attend our events so we thought we should help support theirs in return. Also helps that it is a free event, just have to bring something for the potluck dinner! We were in the vegetable category. So I tried out a new vegetable dish for events - green beans with roasted garlic and crumbled bacon. A good portion of it was gone when I went to get the dish.
Ignatius put in a request for this dress. My forearms must have grown, because the sleeves were really tight this time. Might have also been the chemise.

Site token for the event - pretty!

I had put in a request for the vest. Think he likes his hat too!

After setting up our table area, we helped Tamar make boffers for the shire. Boffers are padded sword type devices that adults or children can use to practice with. Ignatius was putting the pvc pipe inside the foam tube and I was putting the end cap on at the bottom of each one. I wandered away after I had all of them end capped since I didn't want to play with the duct tape.
Octavian with his boffers getting the kids playing. At one point he was defending himself from both of them. 
Once Tamar and Ignatius finished the regular boffers they let their creativity loose and Tamar created a hammar and Ignatius a mace:
Tamar and her hammer

Ignatius and his mace. Tamar is worried about the edge and noses, but it  is foam under the duct tape.
 I stopped and checked out what was going on at a table to find that it was the kids to play games, paint and to paint some appreciation awards for helping out at the event:
I didn't take a picture of a man intently cutting out his leather for a pair of bracers, I didn't want the camera flash to distract him while he was using his exacto knife.

So I wandered over to the table that Duncan was at. He enjoys bookbinding and had samples of ones that he has done while he was folding pages for a book he's binding for a friend:
The two on the left have wood covers but have leather to protect their bound edge, the open one is also with a wood cover. The open one on the red paper cover is a was tablet with writing stylus. The wax is beeswax.
I chatted with Duncan's wife Jasmine for a bit along with Octavian. Had a discussion on local ice type wines with  MeadhbhaI brought my Barn Raising blocks to work on and did put a few rows on the alpaca block I was working. I came home and finished it.

Their shire also does Acorn War, so there was a jar of acorns to guess how many were in there. I guessed 433, but Octavian was closer to the 504 with 501 as his guess.

Dinner was nice and after clearing up and helping put away some chairs, we headed off to home. A nice afternoon.

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