Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boar's Head Hunt and Feast 2012

Once again this event was the same weekend as Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. :-( So I didn't get to attend it. Yes, I could have tried to get over on Sunday, but I had other chores that needed to get done. A lot of my friends weren't going to be there on Saturday, so I didn't feel as bad about missing this year as last year. Honestly, my yarn and fiber stash really don't need any additions, and I didn't have any money saved up.

I had hoped to have my Cranach dress done to wear to this event. Definitely need to have it done for the December events!

My household is on a budget and Brandon and I looked over the proposed feast menu and decided that there was too much that one or the other of us wouldn't eat that it didn't make sense to spend $10 per person on the served feast. The other ladies couldn't afford the $10 per person so went with my feast proposal.

The theme was a German feast, so I thought it would be nice to do a Sauerbraten. I was doing well with that idea up until the added numbers of people eating with us climbed to nine adults and three children. Oh my! I can't eat pork, but others can. Thus I found two three pound bottom round roasts and a couple of pork shoulders (what I usually get to make pulled pork sandwiches). In case you didn't know, sauerbraten needs three days of advance prep time before cooking. You marinate the meat in wine, vinegars and spices for three days. Turning a couple of times each day.  (This takes up refrigerator room!!)

With the number of people serving, I couldn't afford the $9 a bag for the spaetzle noodles at Fred Meyers. I found these Mrs Weiss egg noodles at New Seasons that I thought would be a good substitute (they were!) Honestly, have never cared for the oily feel of spaetzle noodles. Maybe the Rheinlander and Gustav's are doing something wrong?  I also had salad greens with bacon crumbs and dressing, a couple loaves of bread and some roasted root veggies (carrots, turnips, gold beets, onions, garlic tossed in olive oil seasoned with sea salt and thyme) for the dinner. Dessert was a Pumpkin Stout Gingerbread recipe I had found - yummy!

For those that were going to be there all day, I had also picked up some crackers, antipasti meats, cheeses, olives, dried figs, almonds and cashews, Fuji apples and some bottled ice teas. I charged $7 per person that were eating all day and $5 for dinner. I did end up with floating the cost of some of the meal. I figured I was going to bringing any leftovers home, so I was still benefiting from the excess. People did take home their own leftovers of the sauerbraten and noodles and Dawn-Marie took a chunk of the the gingerbread too.

I had late requests to join our feast (night before is a little short notice!), but had to turn them down because I was worried about having enough food. I should have let them join us! Of course not knowing until halfway through the day that one adult and child weren't coming didn't help.

Golda's Kitchen on Scouter's Mountain, people arriving and setting up

Bardic Champion prize. Brandon made this! He carved the seat back, it has a  Boar's Head and is a nice folding period chair. Lady Helena was VERY happy to receive this as the Bardic Champion. 

My dear husband likes his boob shots, so why the silly grin and the blushing chest. This is the basket of largess I  gave to the Barony. Contains six skeins of handspun yarns, two handknitted shawls, three knitted period pouches/bags, four felted bowls that are great for holding little things like sewing supplies or beads, and some handmade soaps at the bottom.

Our feast area. You can see some of the lunch items out. I think I was still busy labeling the largess items at the other table.

Queen Astrid lives just south of us, so she was able to attend and looked lovely! This is Osanna receiving her Award of Arms, finally. It was originally presented at July Coronation.

Lady Lissette, Lady Aemelia and I receiving a Baronial recognition for largess - Ring Giver. We had to wait a week to confirm the name of the recognition we were all muzzy brained up their listening to the Baron explain it. I had torq'd my knee so wasn't kneeling.

Another lovely picture of Queen Astrid giving Lady Iuliana and Lord Jose their  Goutte de Sange and Jambe de Lion respectively. (Last year, flip the awards and that's what they received together.)

Queen Astrid was moving during this but I loved the picture of Lady Eulalia receiving her  Arts and Science Championship mantle and scroll. Love  Baroness Svava's pose!
October brings St. Crispins with the Shire of Mountains Edge, another A&S Championship and Ithra with the Barony of Glymm Mere (their feast was awesome last year!) There's at least an embroidery class and either one or two cooking classes in my plans. I'm tempted to do the St. Brigit's Cap, but think that one of the two cooking classes offered at that time might be more useful. Which would you pick? Then there's Honor Feast with the Barony of Three Mountains, Queen Astrid is slated to attend again too, so should be an action packed court!

November will be a quiet eventing month, with nothing more than attending the weekly Revels planned. This will allow for us to prepared for the busy month of December with three Yule type events to attend. We didn't attend the Barony of Stromgard's Gledilig Jol last year, but could see us attending this year.  Queen Astrid has picked Three Mountains Yule to attend out of the three, so we'll get to see her again there. I need to come up with a largess item to make six of for our Yule Feast. Little competition the Baroness came up with. The winner gets to take one of each that are submitted and the rest goes to the Barony to further gift. I haven't decided what to do!  Suggestions?

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