Sunday, October 28, 2012

Honor Feast 2012

I didn't take a picture of it, but I presented a personal gift of a gorgeous brown mink collar to Queen Astrid. I also learned that she had been gifted by Baroness Svava the basket of largess I had presented in court at Boar's Head Hunt. Wow!

Saturday, October 27th my son William, turned 23 years old! I'm very proud of him!  Sorry, no pics of him to share. Instead, I have pics of where we were instead of with him celebrating. He was off having lunch with his grandfather, aunt and uncle and a cousin as well as playing laser tag and hanging out with his friends, so not neglected!

Our household was off at the Barony of Three Mountains Honor Feast. This year it was Khalja that was being honored. She has a middle eastern persona, as you can also tell by her name, so that was the theme of the event. We have been to the space before for Grand Thing at the St. Helen's Fairgrounds. Its a bit different when you're throwing down rugs, pillows and sheep skins, also cooler in October!

We arrived just before morning opening court, which was a good thing. As we were laying out our rugs, Baroness Jill asked to borrow our blue and white rug (Barony colors) "just for court", how can you say no when a Baroness is making a request? ;-) So our rug was part of court all day long. lol

Thankfully, we had enough rugs and floor coverings to allow everyone to have a place to sit. I had thought to put in a request to Ignatius on Wednesday to solve our tabling issue. He pulled together a couple pieces of wood and some milk crates as bases, since it wasn't early enough of a request to build more official tables that he does have planned. Amelia brought some of her middle eastern stuff and provided table coverings and other decorations to get us in the theme. The sheep skins were also a nice added touch and cushion while sitting on the rugs and pillows.
Socializing with Gwenlianna about her embroidery

After Millicent and the de Merrick's arrival. A lull in eating and some crafting going on

Looking out into the hall from behind Court
Ignatius and I were part of the Arts and Science competitors judges. He was with Her Ladyship Apollina for her wood chair and I was there for Baroness Dafne's yarn. It was very interesting to be part of this process! I learned a lot and may actually enter a competition next year.

Each of them doing their presentation to the judges of that round. There were three rounds during the day. Mine was the last round.
Apparently they did this last year, the food is served buffet style throughout the day. It started at 11am and finished after court. I think we left before the official dessert round. Lots of great food was served. I actually got some baklava that didn't have walnuts, but pistachios! If you went home hungry, it really was your own fault. Even my picky eater found food that he could eat.

I knit a little red poppy while we were there because I knew Carina would be there, she's Canadian and its one of the things they do to show support for Remembrance day, our Veteran's day:
I also started on un-binding off a square that I made for the Barn Raising Quilt because it measured as done and then it wasn't big enough. Didn't find that out for sure until I had blocked and it wasn't wanting to block to size. Thankfully, I was on a color that I had more of, so adding in a few more rows won't be an issue. Getting it unbound without dropping stitches (US 0), the challenge.

Ladies Millicent and Larissa (yes, she still needs an SCA name) received personal appreciation from Baroness Jill and I think also from Baron Alfric. I know Joseph and Merrie de Merrick received appreciation from Baron Alfric. Larissa had young Cameron take a shine to her. We've been watching this little guy grow the last few years since we met him as a baby:
At one point he asked "where did my new friend go?" after she had been called up to court. :-)
I have a lot more pictures of people receiving awards but I'll just share the Honoree's:
Baroness Khalja receiving her scroll 
There were two scrolls, one with artwork and the other was one that we all had the opportunity to sign. I asked Ignatius to do mine as he knows calligraphy and I wanted it to look nice.
Baroness Khalja's Honor Feast Scroll. Isn't the artwork stunning?
Our next SCA events won't be until the month of December, a whole month off from eventing! ;-) Instead we'll be having sewing party weekends while we work on feast garb for Yule (two Three Mountains and Dragon's Mist - could do three if we get wild and crazy) and then in the new year 12th Night. I'm also trying to organize a few largess making parties so that we have stuff for the Barony to present at 12th Night and Ursulmas. The barony apparently received another recognition for our generosity last weekend from Queen Astrid. 


  1. It was a good event! Nice to be with the group again.

    1. Sorry Shannon, meant to reply earlier. It was great seeing all of the Murphy household too!