Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 2012 spinning

My Rivendell socks are languishing. I think I am at mid heel flap on the first sock. Not sure why they are there. I think even with the change I tried of using larger needles at the cast on, they are still a little snug at the calf point they reach. I do need to finish the heel flap, turn it and then check to see how they hit on my leg. I may have to frog again, put it in time out and try with the larger needles longer. Sigh.

So after a few days of not working on anything, I went back to what was, spinning. I am trying to get spun up some superwash merino that I've had in my stash for over three years. I had Sara dye it up, I had hoped that she could come close to the BMFA red from the sock summit colorways. Can't find it on their web site, but Sara wasn't able to get it. It was two eight ounce bundles of superwash merino from Woodland Woolworks and a really great price. One bundle came out red-purple and the other red-blue.

I originally thought I would use it in my spinning for socks class and while I use a tiny bit there, when I came back to it, I decided to just spin each four ounce up on their own bobbin and ply them together.
Singles on the bobbins
I pulled out the bulky head for my Lendrum and used it to ply up the two bobbins. If they were that full as singles, no way was I going to get all eight ounces on to one of those bobbins!
All plied up!
Since the two four ounce bundles weren't similar in their dye jobs, there was no way to try to match them up  and I really didn't want to chain ply that much. So a barber pole skein with some matching up of colors.
Off the bobbin and in a skein

755 yards of light fingering weight superwash yarn

Close-up. Brandon thought it looked like a wine color, so that's its name. ;-)
I still have the blue-red to spin up and was given some Qiviut to spin for Carina. The blue-red first and then the fun stuff. ;-)


  1. The yarn is lovely! what great colors. My sympathies too on your sock troubles--it's no fun when knitting turns out the wrong size.

    1. Thank you Rose! I need to get on that sock so I know what to do with it. Guess the advantage of doing it early, means that all of this gets worked out early enough for The Hobbit?