Sunday, July 1, 2012

WWKiP 2012

This was my fifth year organizing the local World Wide Knit in Public event. Once again at the Hillsboro Farmers Market and where we'll have the WWSiP in September.

We had people volunteer to make bags and Grace of Grace's Cases surprised me with some little notions bags. I had a harder time getting yarn donations, but a new shop in town Black Sheep at Orenco stepped up with some Cascade Heritage sock yarn for everyone. There were several people that donated stitch markers, so while the bags weren't full, they had lovely items inside, as well as the awesome project bag itself!

I got to Whole Foods late the night of bag assembly because I had a business meeting for the Barony to attend, so came straight from there. Which means, I forgot my camera and to take pictures!

To top things off for me, I wasn't able to attend the actual event and it was the day after my birthday too! I'm in the process of trying to get my massage license current again and that means Continuing Education classes. One of the classes I needed was on the same day as the event and I had to make a difficult choice. The class was kind of disappointing, but at least it gave me 8 credits towards my 25 needed.

Robyn did take pictures, so I have these to share:

I was told it was a lovely event and we had at least 25 people there as all the bags were given out. We had a few lovely door prizes, that went to good homes too.

I did keep one of the little notion bags for myself and a little ball of yarn for the Beekeeper blanket I want to start:

Did you get out and knit in public at an event? Do you regularly knit in public?  I was just at a library event where Phillip Margolin was speaking and started a Barn Raising Quilt square. It was part of the Adult Summer reading program, and he is a local author. I had read his first two books he wrote and will now probably go back and read some of his newer stuff.

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