Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dragon's Mist Champions Tourney 2012

This was our first Baronial Champions Tourney and we had it up on Magda's farm near the summit of Bald Peak on Chehalem Mountain above Newberg. Since I was responsible for the merchants (I was able to get one!) we were able to setup camp Thursday night. We arrived in the early evening and found where there was shade so decided to setup there. 
Zac and Andrea relaxing at the fire circle. You can see we were at the bottom of the slope away from the main action. We still had people that wandered down to say hi during the event. We had Andrea, Dawn-Marie, Jenna, William and for a night his girlfriend, Jessica. Plus Danna and her boyfriend, Shawn and his daughter Reagan were part of the group I was feeding for the weekend. Danna brought her two dogs Peyton, black two year old Cocker Spaniel and Granna, thirteen year old Lhasa Apso. Deborah also set up her tent by us as did Tara a violin player. We had our own encampment!
Leeloo loved being able to run around dragging her leash Thursday night chasing the birds and trying to hung the many moles that were out in the field. Peyton apparently did get to kill one slow one.
I taught a drop spindling class while at the event. This is me in my Augsberg dress. I'm in the process of moving the hooks and eyes. I was also naughty here and wasn't wearing a chemise under it! (I have a cloth band behind the hook and eye, so there was no skin showing.)
The gentleman was the meat merchant that came out for the weekend. He was curious about the drop spindling, something his wife is interested in learning how to do, but she wasn't there. Lisa had hoped to come by and do the class but was busy on child duty.
Iron Ring friend, Jose on the left with Dean. A nice young man that Cailina had met at West War who lives in our Barony. Small world!  He was camping by himself and living on PB&J sandwiches, so we fed him oatmeal and muffins Sunday morning.
Gerard on the left and Nicolai on the right. I think this was the final bout that determined Gerard as our first Champion for Dragon's Mist.
 William has been going to archery practice since he came out with us at Grand Thing. He was able to finally get some time in on the range Sunday morning before we left.
Caterina made him the bracer on his left arm. He still needs to get his own bow. He's been relying on loaner gear. I think he'll improve even more once he has his own bow. He's also asked me about events in August and September that he can go to do more archery. Huzzah!

We had a lovely weekend up at the farm. I'll be returning the second weekend in August for Acorn War. I'll be teaching another drop spindling class, but will only be going up as a day tripper. 

Brandon was acknowledged by Baroness Jill of Three Mountains with a Baroness' award, the Trillium, along   with Eoghan, Ana and Jose. Very cool stuff! I'm betting that he'll also see something from Baron Alfric before he steps down at Twelfth Night. 

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