Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Tir - West War 2012

We left on the fourth of July to head down to Gold Beach for our third An Tir - West War. We took Dawn-Marie and her daughter Cailina with us. Again we were camping with the Murphy's and a few other friends this year - Lisa, Sara, Amanda and CJ.

The site is a working farm where he moves his goats, horses and sheep out of the two main pastures that we use for camping/merchanting/demo'ing and the war grounds. It had rained the week before and when we arrived we found that the area for group was kind of marshy and it divided us up a bit and limited additions to our group.

We still had a good time. Got to visit with friends, go see what the merchants had on display and attempt to take a class or two. I found that the work beforehand with Leeloo wasn't enough to help her with dog overload.

Saturday morning we woke up to find a couple of inches of standing water under the lighter blue canopy on the right. We had to dry out the rug before we could pack it Sunday morning. Cailina is photographing her handiwork. Leeloo's wondering what dad's doing.
Cailina braided my hair for me and then decorated with flowers she found in the area - buttercups and clovers.
Cool bed frame and center post support with chandelier. The bed side boxes are a step up into the bed plus storage.  You can see the red velvet curtain that hides their 'closet' where they have their clothes hung up. Lovely inspiration for our pavilion!
 On Saturday we piled into the car and went to the beach. It was Leeloo's first trip and she thought the sand was fun to run on sand, but she didn't like how cold the water was, or waves sneaking up on her.
Can't see mommy!
We weren't the only ones that went to the beach. A bunch of rapier fighters also went down to have fun. They apparently do this every year.
 Queen of the West in a pretty Cranach dress. I'm planning to make one soon, so Brandon took several pictures of hers so I could see.
This is Sir Rodrigo receiving most valuable Knight from the King and Queen of the West at Court. We got to spend some time with him, as his food came from Lisa for the weekend. ;-)

On the way home we were fortunate to avoid a multi-car accident that happened right beside us while driving through Salem. It did involve another SCAdian, but thankfully she wasn't hurt, just her car. We're looking forward to next year's event (in a different camping spot!)

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