Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 4 of Tour de Fleece

Days 1 and 2 I finished the singles of the Romney-Perendale roving that I had been working on for Largess. Day 3 I plied the singles and came up with two skeins of lace 2-ply yarn. One skein is 167.78 yards and the other is 153.10 yards. So out of the eight ounces I ended up with a total of four skeins equaling 652.4 yards.

Some sucky night-time photos, Day 1:

Day 2:
I was having problems with take up - can you tell?
Day 3:
Then I got it figured out

Some dark blue and purple polworth I got from the WWSiP swap

Day 4:
I soaked them and they are almost dry, why they aren't all twisted up. It's after dark, so won't have time to get good photos of them before we leave.

The trailer is all packed, I have dresses in the wash. I had to do some repair work on one dress and forgot about that until today. Today was food prep day, so I spent all day cooking and chopping and bagging for the event. Just need to pick up a bag of hot dog buns before we get there tomorrow afternoon.

I'll leave you with some lovely photos of flowers in my backyard. The day lily I won't get to see finish all its blooms most likely, darn it.

How is your Tour de Fleece coming along?

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