Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Veggie Garden 2012

Before Dawn-Marie and I headed out for Faire in the Grove at the beginning of the month we had gone vegetable start shopping. We started at a little stand along the side of the road that had been advertising .75 cent starts. Since we are both on tight budgets, it seemed like a good place to start. We picked up squashes and tomatoes and a couple of herbs and some peppers. Then off to the Tualatin Valley Gardners Association annual plant sale at the Fairgrounds. There we picked up more tomatoes, found some broccoli and Dawn-Marie picked up some blueberry plants and I found a Japanese Rose, the last one! We brought them all back to my place, then changed and headed off to the event. I then planted them that next week:
Pepper box all full up
Length of the main veggie area with the artichoke already going from last year as well as the Swiss Chard that wintered over. I really need to learn how to eat the Swiss Chard rather than giving it away to people. The artichokes have two or three starts going. There's broccoli, cauliflower, edamame, spinach, green peppers, snap peas, green beans, Sun Gold tomatoes, orange cherry tomatoes, and two Romas as well as crook neck, couple zucchinis, and a butter nut squash.
This has the acorn squash, mini pumpkins and the spaghetti squash as well as a water melon start. Already in there was a potato and an onion. I picked up Walla Walla onions and a sweet onion pack (STILL need to get the onions planted!)
Baby Asian Pears
I had to wait for Brandon to fix the copper trellis against the shed before planting the Japanese Rose, here it is leaning against the BBQ.
Baby cherries
Wisteria in bloom
Can anyone tell me what the pod is on the wisteria? Does it do something? Is it edible?
The climbing hydrangeas are taking off on the shed. I've had to clip a few branches that have tried to go in the door. Hopefully it blooms this year. So those were all the beginning of the month. Here we are at the end of the month and this is how things look now:
Peppers, poor things have had their leaves eaten on. I need to get slug bait in the box.
There's a green pepper in the far back left with the artichoke (see the two?), and around that is the broccoli and the cauliflower (some of it).
In the far back you can see some Nasturtiums that came back, more cauliflower, the beans and peas are against the trellis, squashes and the edamame with the spinach.
Leeloo nibbling on the grass shoots I need to weed out amongst the tomatoes.
STILL need to plant the onions, and the water melon I just couldn't keep going - I tried with two different plants.
Baby cherries now, starting to go red!
Nasturtiums coming up in the lawn. They'll get mowed down probably tomorrow night if I don't get them transplanted back in the box. These are from seeds that dropped last fall. How does your garden grow?


  1. No veggie garden for me, but the blueberry bushes stand ready to go this summer!

    1. Blueberries are important! Still need to move a few of mine so they can do better, but camping is getting in the way of yard work until next weekend.

      ps: sorry if you get this twice! Forgot about their new reply function. ;-)