Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spinning my way through May

I have a couple of hats that are done, but haven't photographed them. One of them still needs the ends woven in and a nice soak and block. Not sure why I haven't gotten that done. Then again, I haven't had the knitting bug much, which is really bad because I have a project I need to get done for Knitted Wit! Delaying that a bit has been good because there was errata posted and then last week at knit night, Cindy started one and used Judy Becker's suggested of JMCO with the mod she has for it. So mental knitting, if not physical has been going on so it should work up quickly when I do get it started. I finally finished up the Quince Blossom fiber that I had gotten from Stitchjones two years ago. She has it labeled as a merino/tencel. It was kind of sticky, so unlike tencel, that I wonder if it might have been silk? My 5.6 ounces spun out to a two-ply lace weight with 1055.2 yards:
Almost three years ago I picked up some Finn from Crown Mountain Farms at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. It was a lovely white that I knew I would ask someone to dye for me. Trish of Rogue Adventures had been dyeing some colors that I really liked, so I asked her to dye them. One four ounce bundle came out muted and the other the more vibrant colors I had hoped for. I started out with the muted four ounces and spun it up in three days. So much easier than the merino/tencel!
I just need to spin up the second four ounces, I'm really looking forward to spinning it up -
I'm going back and forth on whether to chain ply them as either one or two skeins, or do them as a two ply and have the barber pole. I'm not a huge fan of the barber pole, so most likely will go with the first. At Faire in the Grove I took my Ashford Traditional and spun for half the day on Sunday. I took along some Romney-Perendale that I've had in my stash also for three years. Starting to see a theme here - I'm stash busting! ;-) It's a natural brownish colored fiber that I'm just letting spin as it wants. The traddy has a lower ratio than the Lendrum so I have to make sure I get enough twist that it will hold together, and I'm not really trying for a thin yarn. I have a nice start on the bobbin, but I have eight ounces of this to spin up. We have another event this upcoming weekend, June Faire, that I plan to take the traddy along and spin at. So might get it all spun up.

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