Monday, February 15, 2010

Ravelympics progress thus far

I didn't start exactly at 6pm, the official Ravelry start time for PST, dinner interfered with that goal. Then it was a matter of at least getting the socks started before going off to Revel with Brandon. Casting on socks was pretty easy after watching Cat's YouTube video (check previous post for a link if you want to watch for yourself - scan a few minutes into the video for the actual start), but took a second time where I didn't have so much tails dangling. So only a few rows the first night were accomplished on this project. Saturday I was able to finish the toe increases and get a pattern repeat done. Sunday night it was just one and a half pattern repeats. I feel like with one sock I would be further along than I currently am, but then I have to remember that I'm getting both done at the same time! ;-) The yarn I also have been finding is harder on my hands, but I've noticed that with heavy cottons. I like the colors too.  Here's the collage progress thus far:

I took the yarn and pattern for the shawl with me to Revel. I was a good twenty rows in when I found that I had missed a yarn over on an edge fairly early. At that point it was just easier to frog the whole thing and start over. I tried to think of it as the 'practice'. Nice easy knitting early on with just doing the four stitch increases on the right side and purling the wrong sides, except where the pattern calls for garter stitch. Found an error on the 'eyelet row' which is repeated a few times so getting it right is essential. I have the corrections on my project page and will post with the pattern, or check with Shelia. At this point, I have strong thoughts on over-dyeing the finished project. Not sure what color, but I just have this feel that it will be something I'll want to do. Yarn feels soft and I think once its been blocked it will be much nicer still. Here's the collage progress thus far:

Sunday was the monthly Spinning Bee at the Knitting Bee. I was finally able to start my yak/merino for the spinning event. I had to remember how to spin this stuff. It's incredibly soft, the shorter yak fibers sometimes caused a restart issue. I'm trying to be consistent in my single width. Can't wait to see this as a yarn though!
Sorry for the blurry!
I pick up Tanya this afternoon, there's some wandering around for a bit before meeting up with the boys for dinner. Tomorrow is taking grandma up to Willamette and then more shopping/looking around/etc. Both mom and Tanya head home on Wednesday so fitting in knitting and spinning will be a challenge!


  1. Wow, you're making great progress on your projects! I love the cormo/silk, I haven't decided what to do with mine yet!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! Here I was thinking I'm not making a lot of progress. ;-) Those high expectations we put upon ourselves.

  3. Look at you go on those socks. I love knitting both socks at once. Neat pattern.
    The shawl looks great.
    Happy knitting!