Monday, February 22, 2010

NwRSA Spin-In this last Saturday

Saturday was the NwRSA Spin-In and Board Meeting that was held at the Aloha Grange. I arrived bright and early at 8:30am thinking I was going to surprise Shelia by being early. Imagine my surprise to already find three vendors ready and eager to get in and start setting up! ;-)

So it was a scramble here and there and everywhere for the next couple of hours helping Shelia with keeping everything organized and providing helping hands. I actually did get to sit down and do some spinning while I was there too!  ;-) Gasp! Really! Since I wasn't the major person in charge, it was easier to let go and relax and get to talk and spin. We were full enough that I opened up the sitting on the stage and was soon joined by local friends up there that I pulled in.

Rachel always smiles pretty when I pull out my camera. In case you wondered where Hazel Rose gets it from. LOL. Kathie had come to knit, but will all that fiber around and Carissa selling spindles....
Yup! Sari got her started with a pretty stone drop spindle and some nice fiber. This must have been a portent because Kathie won a bag of red, white and blue superwash fiber from Knitted Wit as a door prize!

Speaking of door prizes, Kathie was not alone. Sara won a bag of baby camel, Rachel a bag of corriedale rolags for making self-striping yarn and I won a pair of earrings - little curly horned sheep ones. 
I have my fingers crossed that this means I'm on a roll towards winning the drawing for a spinning wheel at the Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase that the Aurora Guild has next month. It's the next upcoming event that I hope to attend. Yes, I do have raffle tickets purchased. I had $3 left in my hand at the Newport Spin-in and so put them towards the drawing.

The only other money spent, and there were lots of tempting things in the vendor booths, was my $25 membership to NwRSA. Okay, there was the $6 admission, but that covered the door prize ticket and lunch. Lunch was a large selections of soups, salad, chips and cookies/brownies. I tried Shelia's Hungarian Beef soup - excellent and a really good Curried Squash Soup. 

Just to show that not all spinners are women, find the man spinning in this photo:

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