Monday, February 22, 2010

Continued Ravelympics Progress

Just a little over halfway through the Winter Olympics and the Ravelympics and I have good progress through my knitted items.

I am officially halfway through my socks. I completed the short row heels and am ready to start the legs. I do need to do a fit check - pause while I go do that - back! They do fit well indeed for my foot so, they should be a good fit for Jennifer's foot. Here's what they look like now:

I was progressing along nicely on the Lillia Hyrna Shawl when I got to the portion where it threw me at the charts. I can read a chart, but there seemed to be a problem just looking at it, but since friend Shelia wrote it, I jumped in. Wish I had put in a lifeline on that jump. ;-) Of course it was only after tinking it a couple of times that I remembered the whole concept of a lifeline and started to use one. I did take the pattern with me and showed it to Shelia at the spin-in. She told me that the tech editor is known to make changes and this was not the only one found. I'm keeping track of things and will forward them to Shelia once I'm done and they will be added to the errata page for this pattern. I was up late last night getting through Chart A and doing some setup for the next section. I'm at 68% done with this project, so feel really good that it too shall be done before the end of the Olympics. 

I'm behind though on the spinning. The above frogging, the above tinking for Chart A correctness, visiting with relatives has meant that I haven't been spinning as much as I should if I want to get this four ounces done during the Olympics. It doesn't *have* to be done of course, it was just a challenge goal and may have to fall by the wayside. I do still have it as a goal and I'm going to try for an hour a day. There's also the standard Wednesday spinning time that will help I think. We had planned to go to the beach this weekend and that too will help, since it was canceled, I can devote this upcoming weekend to the spinning, especially if I'm able to get the above two done before Sunday. 

I did drag around Tanya's socks with me last week in case there was time for me to pull them out and work on the heel flap. Yes, I'm at the heel area and hope to get those going soon too:

Now to get away from the computer so some knitting/spinning can actually happen! ;-)


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! Those pink socks look good enough to eat, yum yum.

    I also knit but nothin like you, and I see you read a lot. You must budget your time better that I do mine.

    I also live in Hillsboro. The shop I frequent most is Knitting Bee. When my daughter is in town she likes to shop at Twisted.

  2. Thanks Linda! I actually found another pattern that would have been awesome for this yarn this morning. Not going to start over though! LOL

    Do please join us Wednesday nights at Whole Foods. People start showing up as early as 6:30pm. Some have told our significant others they're on their own for dinner that night as we pick up something yummy from WF (not everyone does of this of course!)

    Reading is before sleep and I often find myself reading a bit later into the night than I should, especially if the book is really good!

    Love Jami and the Knitting Bee. Twisted is sweet too. Trying to be good right now and not buy more yarn until I've dwindled down the stash a bit. Want to keep the DH happy about the knitting and spinning not annoyed.

  3. Wow, your progress is amazing! I've been loyal to my two projects going, but definitely have visions of new knits dancing in my head!