Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beach Fiber Weekend

Friday afternoon I picked up Tammy and Sara and we headed towards the beach. While on the way I discovered that neither of them had actually been to Woodland Woolworks and since we were going to be going through Carlton, we had to stop! We technically arrived after closing, but the door was still unlocked and the open sign out. We went on in and started checking things out. Ran into one of the lovely employees there that said she'd have to kick us out at 4:45. Tammy found a skein of yarn to be able to put buttons on her Central Park Hoody. I found out that someone else had beat me to trying to put the New Zealand castle wheel on layaway. Wasn't meant to be!

We arrived at the beach house and met up with Shelia and Duffy. In short order we were all settled in and awaiting the enchilada dinner that Sara prepared for us all, along with the Spanish Rice Tammy made. After dinner it was a relaxing evening of knitting, chatting and some TV viewing.

Saturday we were up bright and early and enjoyed some coffee cake that Shelia brought for us to enjoy.  We then drove the half an hour further south to the spin-in at the Newport High School. We arrived early so that we were assured of parking and so we could pick out our seats. ;-) Robyn, we spin with her on Wednesdays, was there selling some of her handknits/crochet items along with a friend of hers that does handdyed fiber. Stitchjones, aka Sharon, was also there, so lots of familiar faces for us.

Our $4 entry fee, covered I'm sure the building rental, but also the snacks and lunch type items that the local guild provided. Soups, taco salad, dips and chips, cookies, and a variety of cakes. So more great food. After getting all settled and having our circle quickly filled, there were all the booths tempting you with their wares. I was quickly tempted by an oval basket and after resisting went back for it. I thought I was going really well at resisting all the other temptations - fleeces, hand dyed rovings, special batts designed to allow for striping, yarns, and buttons. Then I was going around with Sara and back in the Custom Coverups booth and found a bag of white Falkland that I couldn't resist bringing home. Kind of funny that I brought home some Falkland wool from South America and MIL, Judy couldn't get there on her two week cruise around SA because of rough seas!

By the time 4pm rolled around a lot of spinning, talking and shopping had occurred! I was almost able to do up the first two ounces of my second four ounce ball of Portland Punch. Sara was close to finishing up the green/blue that is also from Stitchjones, Duffy finished up some pretty blue stuff she had brought along, Tammy plied a couple of singles and learned how to use a nostepinne and create a center-pull ball. Shelia was also spinning up some yellow and green roving also dyed by Stitchjones. I swear we did not coordinate and plan to show off Sharon's stuff while we were there! 

As we entered in the morning we were given a ticket for the door prizes donated by the vendors. There were lots of very nice things being offered too! Imagine my surprise to have mine drawn at the beginning! At first I was a little bewildered by it, but by the end of the day I loved my prize. What is it? A seat cushion crocheted from Pendleton Wool Mill ends:

Abby's Pizza gave us the option to get personal pizzas and then we headed back to the beach house. I finished up my two ounces of Portland Punch and Sara tried really hard to finish hers up too. Other knitting and lots more talking and laughing occurred before heading off to bed. This morning I made up the buttermilk scones I'd partially pre-prepared and served those with the summer canned raspberry jam. Shelia taught us the joys of organic eggs from her chickens and scrambled some up for us. Delicious! Then there was the general cleaning/laundry duties before heading home. Shelia and Duffy planned a stop at the Outlet stores, while I stopped at the taffy store I grew up stopping at, different owners of course! Couple bags of salt water taffy and a few licorice pieces for me and I was set to head home. 
I've gotten everything unpacked, put away and laundry going. My brain said it was just too tired to try to knit, so of course it only made sense to pull out the second two ounces of Portland Punch to see if I can get it all spun up this week. 

Duffy was taking lots of pictures, so maybe more will show up on her blog. I teased Sara about her blog neglect. We'll have to see if the rest of the group posts anything.

I do foresee another fiber group trip to the beach house in the future!

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  1. Looks like it was a great weekend! Glad you had some fun.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I don't see that in my future, but in a couple of years, ahhh. I'm really excited about the 20th! Do you know if there is an entry fee there? A few friends wanted to stop by and shop, but don't spin. Thanks!

  3. I had a lot of fun there! Bob counted the spinning wheels during a busy time and came up with 76!!! He then proceeded to estimate how much money that many wheels cost. lol. like 38k.

  4. looks like you all had a great time!

  5. The blue stuff was Black Bunny Fibers blended Border Leicester/mohair/silk done in colorway Hailstorm. Now to add twist to the Jaggerspun Zephyr for plying with it. ;)

  6. wow, what a ton of fun!! I would love that. Thanks for stopping by i.craft at Bee Wise Bags. I appreciate the comment love, AND yes the slipper are from French Press!