Friday, May 30, 2008

the good and the bad

So lets see if I can do the three things good before getting to the bad. ;^)

One, I got to get out yesterday and knit in public. Two, bonus, I didn't do it alone. I got to meet Tammy at Insomnia and chat while knitting. She was also awesome in helping me to read a pattern for some fingerless gloves I was starting. I look forward to future chances to socialize with her and also knit with others.

Three.......ummm....oh yea! Norbert's ear seems to be doing well with the antibiotics. Of course I won't know for sure until the 16th when he's retested. Oh! I came up with a fourth. I had the designer of a shawl that I was trying to get started contact me with suggestions plus she added me as a friend. How cool is that? I still have to try out her suggestion of course!

So the bad, was that chart I mentioned. It was painful to get started and I ended up having to mark my purl and knit rows. Also marking which side of the chart to read from for each of those rows. Part of the problem is that I haven't done a lot of chart work and I realized that most of it has been working things in the round which is different than when you are doing it flat. I think this may have affected my work on the scalloped necklace, so I'll take this information with me when I do my next attempt. So there is some good in there too.

ETA: if you read it when it talked about the 'ugly' that's what is missing. Figured it was better not to have it out there if I was trying to a permanent job and they some how find my blog.

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