Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Faire, a hat, some snoods and a couple of socks

We had Faire in the Grove the first weekend in May. It was also unusually warm that weekend! I was there demoing spinning on my Ashford Traditional:
I tried spinning up some Icelandic lamb's wool on Saturday, but it really needs to go through a drum carder. Then I tried spinning up some cormo but it too needs to go through some combing. I didn't bring something like that with me. By afternoon it would be too warm to spin, so it would end up as a socializing time.

Brandon and Dawn-Marie ended up in the Oregonian:

In knitting, I knit up a hat for Micah for his birthday, he really really liked it. Brandon modeled for me before I gave it to him:

Its the Marsan Watch Cap. Knit three inches in black then switched over to the green.

I had also been trying my hand out in making some snoods to wear to events. I used some red yarn that I got from Jamie and some gold that Judy gave me. The gold is a cone, so I have a LOT!

This is a knitted square, then I did a crochet chain. I may take the chain out and try the elastic thread. Maybe a comb to attach?
Then I went back to Ravelry and took a look at the various snoods. A lot of nice ones out there in crochet.
Simply called a Crochet Snood, I numbered it #1. It also needed a crochet chain to cinch it in. I tied it in a bow at the top of my head for the photos and because I was putting on by myself at the time. I like this.

Renaissance Rose Cap - without the roses. Seems to also dimple at the top.

Renaissance cap in gold - still dimpling at the top and then sagging at the back.
The Renaissance caps may get donated as largess, I'll have to show them to a few more people to see what they think.  I had a bit more red that I started to make a second cap with, but realized I was going to run out, so made it smaller. I gave it to Ana to give to Anya. Will have to see if it fits her or not.

I owed my sister Jennifer a pair of 'socks' for Christmas, but she had mentioned that the wool pair I had given her were noticeably warmer and useful at football games. I thought she might like some house socks:
Lacy Ribs and Cables Lace Socks - Ravelry link only, sorry.
I also needed to make a pair of house socks for my nephew Garrett, so I went with the one that I was planning for Brandon:
Cozy House Socks from One Skein Wonders, also a Ravelry link
I have more knitting to get done for people, but I also have a week before Grand Thing and our first camping event of the season. I'm going to try to get a few things sewn for it. Not sure if I can pull off a kirtle or not, but I'll give it a whirl. Caterina was over last weekend with her dresses and while we have different bust sizes, her dress works for me with some small modifications. Her waist is higher than mine and I need a little bit more under boob support. I have that pattern, one for a slip and one for a period pocket. So about eight hours of work and a lot accomplished!

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