Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Set for Rowan

Last weekend was Whitney's baby shower for little Rowan. She's already for him to come any day now. I had a migraine just before the shower so wasn't able to finish on time so had to wait until this weekend to give it to her.  She squeed after opening the box. I think she likes all of them.

I was going to do another cardigan but I really just liked the way the Baby Sophisticate looks. Whitney's favorite color is a forest green and Ryan's is black, so I found yarns to match and then which would go where. Whitney also has bees as a personal item, so found a cute bee button.

I did go looking through baby hats and thought about doing a hood that looked kind of medieval, but seemed like it was geared for an older child. So went back to the Baby Blue hat because I liked how it would work for a newborn and be worn for several months as he grows.

Then booties. I liked the Gansey booties that I made last year. Just wasn't feeling them though for this set. So went back through my queue and thought that I could make the Chaussons Mignons two colored, so went with those. They are so tiny! Perfect for little newborn toes.

So you can see the bottom sole

You decide how to sew them on the top so that it crosses that way.

The complete set:

Not sure why it won't center.

He'll be a well dressed baby! Now he just has to arrive. ;-)


  1. The whole set looks great, but those booties are especially adorable!

    1. Thank you Michele! Those booties are adorable aren't they? Can't wait to see little toes in them. I'll be sure to find out how well they stay on too.