Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November Spinning

First I was spinning. I spun up some qiviut that Carina brought back with her from Alaska. She used to live there and so had a source for some inexpensive stuff. Less expensive because it still had the guard hairs in, but still nice to spin up:
One ounce on each bobbin

All plied up and ready for a nice soak

217.4 yards of lace to light fingering weight yarn just before dyeing

Carina was hoping for a teal and we kind of got a green, she's happy with that
Carina originally had planned to have me knit it up into a pair of fingerless gloves. Her husband thoughtfully pointed out how much wear and tear they would take on her hands and thought something around her neck might be better. I thought of a cowl/smoke ring idea and showed her Ice Queen and my Green Ice Queen. She loved that idea. We might now have enough yarn though so I'll have to see what I can do. Maybe go up a needle size and make it lacier?

While we were playing with the dye and over-dyeing dark yarn I brought along my pygora, then remembered I had a small ball of light green it would be fun to change the color of so added them to the dye pot:
Pygora, qiviut, merino

After I dyed the merino, I remembered I had been frogging the last block I was doing with it for the Barn Raising Quilt because I needed to add a few rows to it. Now I have to decide to do it in the new color or frog that part all out and use it to start a new block or what. No biggy. It will work out. I may have to frog the whole block though.

The last few weeks I haven't been spinning and I miss it. I still have eight ounces of the blue-red superwash merino to spin up. Might be able to get that over the weekend or next week to wrap up the month. Will see. ;-)

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