Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ravellenic Games Wrap-Up

I left you with the fiber I was going to spin up, here it is as the finished yarn:
243.8 yards of light fingering weight 2-ply yarn.

I hadn't really looked closely at the label when I got it and didn't realize she had personalized it. Very cool.

I had a drop spindle class scheduled for the Saturday of Acorn War on August 11th, so I pulled out the polworth I had used in my last drop spindle class. Thought it might be more fun if the fiber was something other than white. Divided it up evenly and then a few times through the microwave and some dyed fiber:

Got to enter it into the hand dyed event for the games too. ;-) I had one official student and Nancy bought one of my spindles and added some teaching techniques from me. She looks very familiar and does weaving as well as spinning, so I may have seen her anywhere locally. Don't you just hate when you know you've met someone, but can't remember?

I've been wanting to make these since I found the pattern, Kunigunde. I used my Crocus Corriedale handspun. I didn't make the wrist pattern as long as the pattern called for, but I think they'll still work nicely when worn with a coat and give flirty floats out the cuff. I'm still waiting on the medal for it, but there was a lot of finishers!

I cast on immediately after for the Round Crown Spanish Boneto hat for Brandon. It's a pattern based on some late 1400 to early 1500 paintings. I was a bit concerned because there wasn't a gauge listed and the only one done was for a 22 inch head. Brandon's is almost 25 inches, so a big difference! I went ahead and went with the pattern and found something that work as a form for drying. I decided to use Brandon's straw hat as a form since it does fit his head. It took two times through the machine to get it felted down to the right size. I'm pretty happy with the results as well as Brandon:
He'll have to decide if he wants any cut outs or decorations to it, but its a good solid base.

So while the hat was felting I still had a few hours before the official end, and couldn't just sit there doing nothing, so I looked for a dish cloth pattern that might fit the bill. I stumbled across the Starfish cloth and then found all these odds and ends of cotton and whipped this out:

Even though I haven't gotten the official medals for all the events, I've pulled all of them together into a collage:
It was fun and I think I found my knitting mojo. I didn't get all the things done that I had hoped to do during the event, but I'm happy with all of the ones that I did:
I'm leaning towards doing a colorwork bag that would become largess. Actually a few bags are calling to me. I do need to make one more hat before the end of the year, but have decided to wait until September to work on it. I'd like to get a few things put together for the Unbelted Artisans demo Labor Day weekend.

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