Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 Beach Trip!

We made the drive to Manzanita, we like the beach there. Its often not as crowded as the others but this trip it had more people than we usually see. I think it was everyone trying to escape the heat. ;-) It was in the low 60s while we were there, compared to the previous days 99.

Brandon running them together

Leeloo's face said that she thought the beach was a blast

The boys have fun going in the water, the girls, we stay out - its COLD!

Towards the end of the beach there is a hillside of rocks. Brandon started climbing, Norbert followed. I took Leeloo off leash so that she could clamber around freely. She seemed to enjoy the rock climbing too, until she realized I didn't come along.

Checking out a log and back on leash. I waited until after we got home for a bath and haircut for Leeloo. Norbert still needs a haircut.
It was a lovely afternoon and we'll have to take them for a weekend at the beach house in October. Hopefully, early October when the weather is still nicer.


  1. Sounds fun! It's been too long since I've been to Manzanita!

    1. Love the beach and really haven't been in the last few years. Nessa's last weekend was a trip to the beach and I didn't realize how sick she was.