Friday, August 10, 2012


So I had mentioned that I hit a knitting wall trying to get all those twelves done and doing one of them each month. I came up with trying to get all of one of them done at a time. So I started out with hats.

I used some yarn that I scored in a Goodwill auction, some Madelintosh Vintage in Rosewood to make a Koolhaas hat:
I think this will make a lovely hat for one of the men in my family for Christmas.

The Foliage hat that I showed I frogged and why:
See how big it is?! Still a nice pattern, just not ready to go back there yet.

Not truly a hat, but hat like in keeping your head warm, by keeping your ears warm. I know a college girl in the family that loves pink and will wear this in style. ;-)
Pattern: Bow Headband, yarn Cascade 220, pink
Kristy had her baby Sophia back in April and so I stash dived and came up with some Stitchjones dyed sock yarn called "Happily Ever After", so Kristy. A couple of baby hat patterns later and I had these to give to her:
Left is Vine Lace Baby Hat and Swirl Hat

Little Sophia had inhaled the meconium when she was born so stayed in the hospital for awhile while her lungs recovered. She was able to wear one after coming home but they were quickly outgrown. I suggested that Kristy donate them to the hospital for other babies that spend time in the NICU, she loved that idea. :-)

Michelle had drawn my name from her Breast Walk that we participated in a couple years ago and sent me a skein of Dream in Color Starry in the Night Watch colorway. I had tried making some Viper Pilot socks out of it. Oh my! That pattern is very brain intensive. I was watching Storybrooke and like a lot of knitters loved Mary Margaret's Tam. So decided to use this for the pattern.

I still had yarn leftover, enough for another tam. So I knit up this one:
Pattern: Springtime in Philadelphia
I took the picture the same time as the MM one, but hadn't woven in the ends or as you can see blocked it. I finished it back at the beginning of May. It sat in this unfinished state until the end of July. Starting the Ravellenic Games helped kick start me back into knitting and cleaning up languishing projects. So wove in the ends and soaked and didn't really block it, just laid it out in the sun. I think it might need to be resoaked and blocked to lay like a tam though. Could only get a night pic of it at the time after it was washed:
Really think it needs some plate time, what do you think? Oh, I was also hoping the silver strands would sparkle in the light, so why the night pic. The braid I was wearing also doesn't lend itself to hat wearing unless stuff inside of the hat I think.

I'm officially at ten hats completed. I don't count frogging a complete hat as one. I hope to get another hat or two done in the next few weeks. One of them might even be a Ravellenic Game hat. 

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