Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leeloo turns a year old

Friday was Leeloo's first birthday on this planet. As a refresher, she was born in the Centralia Washington area, so she's a PNW girl too. She weighs in at eight pounds and stands about nine inches tall. I clip her eyebrow hair but have left the rest as it has grown out. Still some darker puppy type hair in there, but adult hair growing out. Her head hair is kind of a golden white and with it long and she shakes her head she reminds me of Animal in the Muppets.  I haven't been trimming her ear hair back since its been cold out, so both ears are leaning towards floppy, but if she feels there is a need the right stands up straight and if there's something 'scary' both are up.

Norbert for the last few months has been playing with Leeloo, not as often as she would like but he had to learn how to play with someone less than half his size. There's 'chase me' around the house, some tugging, steal the toy from each other - especially when it comes to chew sticks. She flirts shamelessly with him too. Leeloo doesn't quite understand how to play bitey-face but she tries. He tries by laying upside down and letting her try to bite at his face, but she still gets startled away. She has also taught him to be more interested in food, he tries to steal her food, she nibbles out of his bowl.

A year in pics:

 December - with Norbert

Leeloo has been to Leavenworth, Washington and as far as Brookings, Oregon. She's walked in a breast walk and been to war. 

On Friday she got to go shopping at PetsMart and found a new toy to play with and I picked up some training treats and chew sticks:
We then stopped at the local Dairy Queen so she could get a doggie cone. I bought a cherry-chocolate milkshake so she could have one:

Norbert offered to help her finish it.

We took a walk around Dawson Creek park then picked up Brandon. I then spent the rest of the evening with the dogs helping them play with toys. 
She can be difficult to photograph sometimes. Especially when she's doing flybys of Norbert. Can you tell he's studiously trying to ignore her?

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  1. Happy birthday, Leeloo! It was fun seeing the pics from the last year :)