Monday, June 20, 2011

It fits!

I bought the yarn over a year ago with the thought of making a sweater of some type for my mother. A nice cotton in a pretty red-pink, colorway name is Wild Rose. I had in mind that I would do the Hey Teach! cardigan at that time, then decided it was one that I wanted to do for myself first. So came up with another cardigan, but that design was bottom up and I was worried about having enough yarn and I haven't done a set in sleeve design yet, so went looking again for another pattern. I stumbled across the Razor Boob-Olero and went for it. I was able to get to the point where at spinning I was able to have Robyn try it on to see how it fit and it was looking good. Later that night at knit night I asked Carol to try the completed sleeve and still on target for it to fit mom. Her actual birthday isn't until Thursday, but she was up visiting this last week. We had my birthday dinner this last week, and I had it done and blocking with a fan. It wasn't dry though, so I had to wait until this Saturday to give it to her:

I was worried that it wouldn't be long enough, but looks like I did okay! She was amazed I was able to get it to fit without having her there. ;-) A nice summer sweater for her to wear back home in Reno where its a bit warmer than we are now.

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