Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Socks

I found the Edwardian Boating Socks and thought they would be a perfect pattern to finish using up my slightly more than a skein worth of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy in Blue Boo! I had mad a pair of Leyburn socks last year for my sister Jennifer and thought I'd make a second pair for her that were similar. The yarn was the leftovers from those socks and so two little balls. Well when I had to dip into the second ball, even after taking out one of the pattern repeats in the leg, I knew I was in trouble. So I put the finished sock aside and went back to the yarn I used for the other pair I made for her this year, some Lane Cervinia Strompegarn.

I still had the Blue Boo! yarn and didn't want to go through and frog the one sock and have it still sitting in my stash, so cast on and started the second sock. Halfway through the toe, is where I ran short.

So I have a gift pair and I have a pair for myself, since really the toes are going to be in shoes who's going to see that one is different from the other?

One other pair of socks to make for the year, those are also going to be gift socks, for Brandon. I'm all set to go and will get them started later. First, I need to make a dress for the weekend.

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  1. Those do look very similar to Leyburns. Mine have bit the dust; maybe I need some of these to replace. But first, to finish the abandoned socks on my needles...