Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things that went to the county fair

It's that time of year again! I had an evil plan to show the fair people that they needed to get a new textiles judge, but they foiled me by getting a new judge this year. Rachel gave them Shelia January's name and she agreed to do it. She knew what my plan was and held off seeing all the shawls done. (A bunch of us did the same shawl pattern, with the same yarn base - differences - knitters (beads/no beads) and colorways.)  You saw my Crimson Haruni back in January.

Haruni Shawls out of Stitchjones Titanium Sock yarns
Knitters (Bobbie stood in for Noriko)
I had knitted the body parts for a teddy bear, but then was stymied by sewing them all up. I got started this last Friday and finished up Saturday so I could turn it in on Sunday. I think it came out cute. I also went crazy and knit up in a few hours another dishcloth so I could turn in a set of three. I pulled from things done this year and a few that were done in the last few years. (Items had to be done within the last five years and couldn't have been entered in the fair previously.)
Alpaca Teddy Bear

Double Flower dishcloth

I'm behind on getting things done each month. Here's June's shawl, my hand spun camel yarn in the Fan Shawl pattern.  It's deliciously soft!
One other completed project for the month, a bag that I can use at SCA events as its based of extant remains. It's a pouch, bit longer than I expected, but will be nice to use this weekend:

I'll have to see how things do and go over the State Fair listings to see what goes on to that event. Do you enter any of your knitting or spinning in your local fairs?

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