Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We have a piano!

I guess technically we always had one, it was just living in a different house. ;-) Brandon has been reunited with his boyhood piano that they got back in the late 70s. It was already 'old' before they got it. A little research says that its probably about eighty years old. It has been living with his mother, Judy in her house until today. Judy though sold the house and the new buyer takes possession on the fifteenth.

How is this knitting related? Well the new location of the piano is the family room area of the house that I had taken over as my crafting room. Long table for cutting out fabrics and a sewing machine setup. Table also worked for having the swift always up and available to use the ball winder with. My chest of drawers with sewing notions and fabric was also in that room. Then there was the former corner TV stand that Brandon had made that I took over with stashing some of my yarn stash. All of those plus my bins of yarns and fibers had to be moved out of the area.

This meant that the third bedroom we call 'the den' had to be reorganized to accept some of this overflow. I had really hoped she wouldn't move until William had moved out of the house, this would have all been so much easier then....  So the den had to be emptied out and rebuilt. A couple bookshelves came into our bedroom to make way for my fabric chest and allow for better flow in the room. Then things put back in. Bonus? Lots of cleaning out of books and donations made to Goodwill. I still need to get the books to a used bookstore for credit and what they don't take to the library for their book sale.

I also ended up cleaning and reorganizing my pantry because I looked at the floor under the bottom shelf and saw the possiblity of storing my bins there and still keep them easily accessible then under a desk in the den.
The baskets will come out and be artfully arranged near the piano so I don't have to worry about things falling into my yarns. I'm amazed at how much I was able to hide tuck away under there. ;-)

The piano sounds like it did while at Judy's. Not badly out of tune and still playable but I'm sure it will be happy to be tuned. I've been told that it needs to live in its new house for six months before tuning, so around my birthday I guess?

A boy and his piano reunited:

A rug is going to go underneath of it and he said something about making casters for the feet. So more decorating will happen. We also have a couple of pictures that William had but no longer wants that will look nice on the wall.

What kind of piano? Ivers & Pond from Boston is on the front. They were bought during the Depression, so that it was made in the twenties or early thirties. I think technically its a Baby Grand, though Judy calls it a Grand. It's a little over five feet long if that helps?
Leeloo in her Christmas t-shirt (says "Wreck the Halls") wondering what's up with all of this?

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  1. I am so jealous! I've always wanted a piano and had one briefly that I had to leave behind when I got divorced. One of these days I'll get another! I'm sure you'll have many happy evenings with live music in the future!