Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Know These Mushrooms?

The last couple of afternoons Leeloo and I have been walking around the neighborhood for exercise and to expend some energy for her. ;-) She's loving the solo walks, but it really shows that I have made absolutely no attempt at loose leash walking. She's on a flexi and she's here there and everywhere. I'm paying close attention to cars, so that I can shorten the flexi and keep her out of the road. The last couple of days have been in the low 50s so she's walking without her t-shirt on.. I still need to knit her up a second sweater and want to sew her up a raincoat. The raincoats I have are too big for her. Should bring one over to Tammy to see if it fits Lily if they're interested in continuing their walks through the fall/winter weather. ;-)

In three different yards we've spotted different types of mushrooms. I have no idea what they are, so thought I'd take the camera today to capture them and put them out here for people to help identify them. I don't think they are edible, not sure if they would work for dyeing. I'm just curious.  Can you help?

 For some reason this one just seems like it should be edible, like a chanterelle.
 Almost flowery in the waves of the caps.
 Flat yellow-brown, along with the brown with white under sided one above. The cap is flairing up too.
 I don't know if it fell over on its own or if it had help. Yesterday it was upright and probably about six or seven inches tall and just as wide as you can see. Its a red-orange with white spots and then there are the white round balls to the left of them.

Three clusters of these in the lava rock.


  1. Wow, lots of different kinds of mushrooms. I know absolutely nothing about mushrooms, so no help. But we would love to see if any of the rain coats would fit Lily. I saw one on a dog a few weeks ago and it looked so cute! We do continue the walking, at least we did last year.

  2. No clue on the mushrooms, but there are some under a play structure in our neighborhood and I worry about kids eating them.

  3. This site might help:


    If not, there's some pretty cool mushrooms on there!