Monday, December 17, 2012

Juletide 2012 Goodies

As mentioned in my post about the Juletide largess event, I was picked the winner of the event and got to have one each of the entries as my prize. I thought I had taken pictures of all the entries, but when posting about it, realized I had a few missing. Queen Astrid had contributed needle felted coasters:
Lady Amelia's items I picked out, her hair pins, necklace and journal:

The booklet made by her daughter Rose:
Lady Lissette's blade/sword cleaning kit:
Instructions on how to clean with lint free towels and oil in the baggie
I also didn't get a picture of the Alkanet Lip Balm made by Lady Petronia:
The alkanet gives it the red color, but doesn't really impart it on the lips
All those who gave largess were given a necklace by the Baroness Svava in thanks:

As thanks for cooking the meats and helping with setup and clean-up, I was given:
Another pretty purple necklace, some artisan soap and a purple ceramic mug

Lady Ameila had found this pretty gold necklace to wear with my German garb
In the gift exchange, I let Lord Finn pick my gift from under the tree. My hands were in the sink washing dishes at the time. He pulled out a package with this lovely cup/vase in it:
It was made by these lovely people, I have several of their pieces already - Thistillium 
I forgot to mention that there were three vendors, a fourth was planned but she was very ill and couldn't make it. Thistillium had their lovely pottery, Eulalia was selling her hats/headcoverings and Lady Rune had her ceramic masks. She also had some little ivy platters that will hold a votive or she says her mother uses it as a teaspoon rest. They're made with real ivy leaf impressions. I thought it was nice and only $5 so worth supporting a fellow artist:
With trying to get all my largess projects done, I didn't have time to get the Christmas gifts done for the household. I'll get those done this week and to them at this week's Revels. Lady Amelia gave me a pair of hairpins, a necklace and some nice hand lotion:
I love the greens! The green pearls really glow and  I love cloisonne
I mentioned the kumihimo, here's what it looks like. I like that its easy to tell where you stopped:
We teased Lissette about giving us Iron Ring colors. I'll give it to one of them when I'm done. ;-)
I am terribly thankful for all the goodies I received at Juletide. I know that they represent not only time, effort and care in making of each of them but creativity and thought. Now, I have to stop with the procrastination and get started on the few handmade gifts that I want to get done by next Saturday. Yes, I know Christmas is on a Tuesday, but some of my family is celebrating on Sunday.

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